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We are proud to offer you the largest selection of Samurai swords for sale, including Katana swords, Wakizashi swords, Tanto swords, Long-bladed Nodachi, Shirsaya, Ninjato and many more.


The Samurai Katana sword is a curved single-sided blade.


The Samurai Wakizashi was a spare sword.


We offer traditionally made Japanese Tanto in all sizes and shapes

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The Katana sword has the right amount of curvature to focus the force of the strike on a small area of ​​the blade.

Our handmade Katana swords are full tang and can be made from multiple steels of your choice.

Real swords are made of carbon steel, and no matter which carbon steel Katana you choose on our site, the sword will be well made, fully functional and capable of testing.

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